1. I’ve been inactive sorry guys :(  been busy with a lot of things.

    • Raphael’s promposal :”)
    • Got braces
    • RSPC
    • ETCETERA lots to tell but yeah sorry i will try blogging something. 
    • Love my life <3

    • At last we’re home and at the same time alone again. Weee that’s great right? There will be no old people ordering us to do things ugh sucks but still i will miss my Aunt’s house :))

  2. Oh gahd i need this book A-S-A-P. Where can i find a copy of this book? -___-

    This classic novel was assigned for me to read before the 4th Quarter. Yeah this is great. Tragedy.

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  3. Hello guys I’m really sorry for being inactive through the past few weeks…

    I just don’t feel like blogging anymore. I want to punish myself for being irresponsible and selfish. Well if you’re wondering kung anong pinagkakaabalahan ko ngayon… Reading yeah and watching the earlier seasons of Gossip Girl hahahhaa fun huh :)

    Week Update: 

    • Monday: We had our pictorial for the yearbook. I don’t like my pictures that’s why i dint get the soft copy of it besides it is overpriced gahd.
    • Tuesday: Most of my classmates were absent i thought they will attend classes so i decided to come to school haysss… Di naman ako nagsisi na pumasok ako kasi Harvey and Edison had a jamming as always and this time they taught me how to play the guitarrrr. I love this feeling shizz. I’ve learned three songs already :)

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  4. ~Cliche

    So guess what happened this week? HAHAHA.

    • We had our jamming and radio broadcasting (KUNO) at the stage during the culminating activity twas fun but yeah i dont have my cam so..
    • Our fieldtrip was hmm awesome. inside the bus. Lame destinations but i enjoyed the show of Wizard of Oz :)
    • Had our class picture twas crazy seriously :)))
    • Last thursday i lost my lens (for the left eye) well actually i forgot to attach it so yeah i left it pala. Nakakatakot yung itsura ko, di pantay yung mata ko. Saka ko lang napansin nung nagsalamin ako. kaya pala ako pinagtitinginan huhuhu speaking of being embarrassed. Fortunately, nadala ko yung isa kong contacts.
    • Spend my time reading novels and stories from wattpad during the so-called-lonely-days. 

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  5. TAs

    Anonymous inquired: “diba po nanalo kayo sa broadcasting team ganon ganon, yung sasali mo kayo sa regional. Diba po ang training niyo ay next na ng thursday friday and saturday? Dun na rin po ba kayo matutulog? :) Ask lang po thank you :D Kasali rin po kasi ako dun eh :D”

    Sa october 24-26 po ang training ng team sa batangas. Overnight. Still dunno kung kasama mga writers at photojourns. Di ko alam kung may iba kaming kasama kasi ang sabi lang ni Sir Alvin at yung philippine school for the arts ata yun sooo. Reveal thyself para mas ok ang usapan :)

    Anonymous inquired: “Ate claire where do you edit your photos? pano nagiging violet yung hair mo minsan? mehehe :)) your so pretty!”
    Lightroom dear. Sa temperature at light po na-eedit hahaha medyo mahirap, iexplore mo na lang ;) 
    Anonymous inquired: “Ang ganda ganda mo (“: Pero srsly, mas maganda ka sa personal♥”
    Seryoso?? Hahahha :”)

    Anonymous inquired: “San ka na papasok Claire ng college? :)”
    Kung papasa sa UST or UP hahaahha
    Anonymous inquired: “Hello Ate Claire I want you to be my friend kaso baka sabihan nila ako ng FC nakita nga kita nung exam sa may Satellite Canteen ang ganda mo tapos ankyut pa ng eyes mo then ung hair mo ang cute ang haba un lang sana maging friend kita :))”
    TRY ME. hahhahha reveal yourself :) salamat!!!
    Anonymous inquired: “ba’t ka nagcocontact lense? pampaganda? hahahahahaha TH nman”
    sobrang labo ng mata ko. ASTIGMATISM :)

    infinityybutnotbeyond inquired: “bakit ang pretty mo ? :”( :))”

    oh hi hahahha hmm i cant even… :>


  6. People are people~~

    It’s been a week HA-HA-HA i miss my blog. Hell week slash exam week’s finally ovahhh the same with our retreat in Caleruega. I cried a lot. A lot. Seriously. Problems solved. One more to go. GOT A NEW HAIRCUT. I love this feeling. Empty. No emotions. Just argh i dunno. 

    Finally got the chance to use my DSLR again wohooo. It’s hard to manipulate the settings damn di ko na marecognize.

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  7. 1o. o6. 12

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
    Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?
    If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
    where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

    • Oh well the training was very entertaining.
    • I was assigned to be the team leader.
    • As always pinagawa kami ng 5 min. program.
    • Mabilis kong nakaclose yung nga ka-team members ko, after knowing each other we exchanged stories about our trainors and our experiences during the DSPC and NCCT.
    • Sang a couple of songs, request from our speaker -___-
    • Tongue Twisters :)
    • Assignments: OBB, Taglines and Station ID. 

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  8. October 4, 2012

    I should really expect the unexpected…

    • I’m not ready to go to school ‘cause i haven’t even finished my articles.
      Ross will kill me ugh. After getting up from my bed i rushed to the bathroom. 
      I started working with the fact sheets i made last night to make my work easier, i was so glad when traffic caught our car. I’ve managed to finish one of my work yipiiie.
    • Moving on… We had a quiz in Calculus and i got a perfect score, what a blast isn’t it? 
    • Dint eat lunch because of our Chemistry quiz and the oh-so-mind-twisting PT in Linear Algebra. Traumatized -_-
    • Can you actually believe it? I will be competing in the RSPC! YES! I’ve made some arrangements with Ma’am Palmes and this saturday i will be attending the training for the Broadcasting thingy.
    • Got my allowance for the training. Lost my ID. Wow great. 
    • After classes i went straight to SM to meet my sisters and my Aunt. Well actually i just stayed inside the car because I’m so tired… Yeah 

  9. Kailangan ko na talagang makahabol sa mga lessons. Marami na akong di alam :(


    • Nabangga yung sasakyan namin nung umaga -__-
    • Bossy much? Di lang ikaw ang busy, asar.
    • Lazyyyy. 
    • I hate you so much, i want to eat you :(
    • Excused from 1-6PM, tired voice and all.
    • Missed a lot of fun. specially in English time :(
    • Watched Of all the things (Regine V. and Aga Mulach) with my tita after classes.
    • Control your temp clair :(((

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  10. declairx:

    The last PT i made using my laptop…. this sucks :(

    (rushed work)


  11. "Saying sorry is a way to express an effort by a person to save a relationship. Hindi ibig sabihin no’n ikaw yung mali."
    — Ma’am Lateo

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  12. Cute things that fascinates meeh :)

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  13. THE EK CLUB~

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