1. "Saying sorry is a way to express an effort by a person to save a relationship. Hindi ibig sabihin no’n ikaw yung mali."
    — Ma’am Lateo

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  2. Just like the old times

    Just like last year isn’t it? 

    Tricia, Shillary and Layne photobombing hahaha!

    Okay she’s raping me. LOL kidding.

    Palakihan ng braso~ :*

    I miss hugging Aryne hahahhaha and listening to her stories.

    hdfasuewrf AS ALWAYS HAHAHHAHA. SHILLARY AND POLEEN trying to kiss each other :P

    Mehehe love you 1010 :)

    Sakal na sakal na ako :’(  CHAR. Wrestlingggg

    Our pretty adviser.

    Ross hi.

    I miss you Dom :s

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  3. MEW

    Stolen shot HAHAHA. Rommel’s chicks =))

    The water boys.

    Sigma lens baby :)


    Miss Kantutay! hahahhaha.

    Epic poker face Josh :)

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    Our very first group picture, i guess? hahahhaha. 

    Haloo dancers. 

    Gahhd ano yang pinagkakaguluhan nyo dyan? 

    Love you Poleen hahahaha why you so skinny.

    I will hunt you down >:D

    Nicole and Rommel. Pretty people ughh hahhahha.

    Ang FC ni Krej hahaha. 


    hihihih me so small. i love you guys :))

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