1. umaasakahitwalangpagasa:

    Uy, may Chixx ! hahaha. Lol XD. Ang ganda nyaaa :”“( Ang ganda ganda ni ate Claire. Nag-aaral sya sa Letran Calamba, so may pag-asa ako makita syaaaa :”> at mameet hohohoho. Ayon sa description nya ang nakalagay eh 16 year old | rejected several times | needs motivation | lazy | insensitive | embittering all the things from the past. Yun. Hahahahaha. I think priority nya talaga yung studies nya, thats why i idolized her. Walaa lang. Share ko lang sainyoo na maganda si ate Claire HAHAHAHAH :D Follow nyo si ate Claire !  http://declairx.tumblr.com/ :”“> MAGANDA SYA. WALANG KOKONTRA.

    HAHAHHA Hi thanks :”)

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  2. punchandkiss:

    An unusual date on a Sunday with the little girl I love. Glad I finished our MTV at 3AM, lol. We went to La Salle to submit the video. *crossing our fingers!* Headed to Solenad afterwards.

    :> love youuuuu to bitssss


  3. laynebanyez:

    So I tried to draw Claire during our IRO training yesterday. Received a lot of criticisms from my critiques friends in the training. Hahahaha!

    Claire, please don’t be offended hahahaha. You look x10 gorgeous than my drawing.  I love you >:D<

    ERMERHGHEDDD HAHHAAHAHHA GRABE KA. Love you Layne. at bakit kaya ako ang naisipang idrawing eh :P


  4. punchandkiss:

    It was only our awarding yesterday at school so I decided to visit Alpha. Tricia was being a loner and we all know i’m a good friend so I dropped by lol jk I brought a kid with me.. jk number 2 hi claire wuv youououoouo

    AAAAAAHHH Cassandra is the cutest!!!!! I was searching for chubby kids and I found her hahaha


    yes tricia why



    Took a picture of Eron before approaching him. That kid in blue is my cousin, Justine. It’s disturbing how he’s so quiet and he looks so shy around school but is the loudest at home. Hahah love you bb




    the most fab bestfriend ever

    and when we went out we saw this kid….


    RAVEN!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA So cute. I saw him dancing with RJ the eggshell. lol I call him eggshell cause when we were having a quiz in spelling, he didnt hear what my teacher said. So I said axial. And its related to science. He wrote down eggshell hahahaha its been 6 years but I still remember it hahahaha


    so yeah back to this kid. He keeps on dancing/singing their cheer. Its actually duket man duket duket antala de kumpet. But he sings duket ala duket duket hahahahahha he even asked me to take a video of him since he saw me with a cam! lol such a cutie




    He also borrowed Claire’s iphone and when we were about to leave, he almost cried. Hahaha



    GELO!! So sad I wasnt able to meet his brother, he had to leave since he had classes. Gelo used to be soooo fat. WHAT HAPPENED -___- hahaha! And he’s a good dancer, I saw him perform during their dance sport and he won. Lol 





    Me loving Claire, nothing new.



  5. rapturednicole:

    A card for a little girl. :) Happy birthday clarita! Ugh, I don’t know what to say. Happy birthday again. haha I just hope that you can listen and absorb things now. :) You know I love you so much and I won’t leave you. You’re the girl with a kind soul. You are blessed. You just misinterpret things. Open your eyes and widen your mind. You’ll see that you have everything that could make you happy, just appreciate it and always smile. Don’t think too much! k? And fyi, I’m lucky to have you. Everyone is lucky when you’d step into someone’s life. You can make us laugh with your silly words. You don’t let us fall. /what?!haha Moving on, I’m running out of words. So, I love you little clarita. I’m always here for you. I’m just one tricycle away. :) Always stay strong! Don’t cry, just laugh! <3

    Humayo’t maglumandi!!! =))) /jokepirmenaha

    Nicolaii! Bebe! Thank you kasi lagi mo kong pinapagalitan. Thank you kasi kapag kailangan ko ng kasama pag walang pasok andyan ka lang sa bayan. Ang ganda ng wifi password nyo grabe hahaha. Hmm ayun, alam mo naman na lagi akong ganito, magulo lagi bangag and all. Sana di kayo magsawa kung isip bata ako. I love you so much :)

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  6. poleenomial:

    Hello thumblina..sheez I dont know where to start but as my best friend, you converted my sorrows to happiness and fears to hope especially doubts to results. Thank you for being a sister, brother, mother, father, enemy, alalay, photographer and others hahaha I am very lucky to have you as my friend. So please, enough with the suicide thingy or anything that bothers you, because in my part it bothers me as well. Just be thankful to God even in the smallest things that he has given you.

    Though tatanga tanga ka, yeah let’s be prank. I know you’re sick of my everyday words but I still love you no matter who you are, you’re unique in your own way. We can’t avoid those bitches ruining your days but please enough giving fucks for them. They don’t know the real you. They’re just very insecure, eherm you’re drop dead gorgeous girl so enough hahaha

    I can’t tell all the moments I shared with you because it will just take a million seconds just to finish that greeting for a cute human being like you. Woof woof I will always be right by your side, you can count on me for anything you are in need of. When you’re crying, laughing, when you’re scared or when you feel as if no one wants you..I’m just a call away! 

    You’re sixteen already and it’s not obvious up to now, 2 more years and you’re a grown up I hope it won’t affect our friendship when you’re miles away from me. I’ll do anything for you except for jumping off a cliff like duh how can I be so dumb if I’ll do that hahahahaha 

    YUCK AMPLASTIC KO NA BA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SHET I LOVE YOU CLAIRE BEYOND INFINITY!!! Gusto ko sana gumawa ng cake para sayo kaso di ako marunong magbake so wag na lng, isusuka mo lang kase hahaha. Ehmehged!!! Nakakadiri pinagsasabi ko mag aral ka na, Quarterly again on Monday. Sana humupa na baha sa inyo hahahaha malas mo gurl. Mwa mwa chup chup ❤l

    Hey Bitch i love you. Thank you sa pang-mumura mo sakin at pang-aaway nakakatulong talaga. Sorry kung di mo pa nakikita yung pagbabago pero eventually you’ll see that i’ve changed. Sorry kung sa sobrang depressed ko e naiisip ko yung mga ganong bagay. Tanga kasi ako. Nahihiya tuloy ako sa mga pinaggagawa ko dati. Ganito talaga pag masyadong immature. I know i have to appreciate all the good things na binigay sakin ni God kasi ayun na yon wala na akong mababago. Tatanggapin ko na lang din yung mga problema na binibigay sakin alam ko namang kakayanin ko lahat ‘to. 

    Yeah the word tanga suits me. really. Natutuwa nga ako pag minumura mo ko eh feel na feel kong mahal mo ko kasi tinuturo mo yung mali ko. 

    Ang daming nang-aaway satin no? Hahaha. Pero okay lang basta tayong lahat kilala natin ang isa’t isa. Remember ‘pag lagi akong naiyak pag may nang-aaway at naninira sakin. Ang sasabihin mo lang “Tanga ka. Bat ka nagpapaapekto? Tumigil ka dyan” Hahahha and after that ihhug kita hahahha.

    You’re just a call away? Pano pag wala akong pantawag? hahaha. Text na lang :P
    alam ko namang di mo ko iiwan eh. Mahal na mahal mo kaya ako.

    Oo ‘pag 18 na ako wala na ako dito kaya dapat mahalin mo na ako ng lubusan. I love you bebe mahal na mahal kita sobra salamat sa mura :* MWA 

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  7. Happy Birthday Ate Claire!

    Hi Ate Claire sorry ngayon lang to, ngayon lang kase sinipag eh hahaha. Anyway, Ate Claire!!!!!!!!! You just turned a year older! Happy sweet 16! Sweet nga parang ikaw hahaha. Ayun thank you for being a wonderful friend na handang makinig sa mga problema ko etc. And same thing, i’ll be here para sayo you can tell me anything. Patangkad tayo Ate Claire hahaha. I love and miss you so much! Mwa! Smile always :* <3

    Hi Ellllaaaa, salamat din sa pakikinig sakin ah. You can always talk to me pag may problem ka. Dito lang ako. Goal natin yan hahha dapat maka at least 5’1 ang height natin lol. Ingat ka dyan. Love you and thank you :)))

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  8. shilzophrenia:

    Ehrmergerd you’re already 16!! ..pero height pang-6 hrhrhr jk mwa. So..

    Dear Claire,

         Thank you for everything especially for being super supportive and kind pa rin kahit na most of the time, I’m being mean and harsh heehee. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you and all.. I’m just being straightforward so that you’ll figure out your mistakes and to help you improve yourself. There are no problems made without solutions and I’m always here to listen and give advices as well. You knew how much I care for you and that would never change plus I’ll always give my best to understand you, your attitude and actions kasi gaga ka hahaha. Pero.. ayon. I love you so much baby Claire and like what I’ve said.. please don’t forget that I’m always here, ready to listen and give my shoulders for you to lean on. && sorry I’m not really good at words so… See you nalang on Monday and get ready for my superduper tight hug, okay? Happy sweet 16th!! :)

    ♥ Shillary

    OHHH WHY YOUUUU… odsgdrhgdurh
    Ang bilis ng araw no Shil parang dati lang ang liit ko pero ngayon well hahha maliit pa din. Ang daming nagbago sakin, mula sa physical appearance ko pati na sa ugali. Pero kahit ganon eto pa rin ako. Si Claire pa rin na laging gaga, nagpapatawa, laging tulog sa Algebra, bangag at laging wala sa sarili.  I love you Shillaryyy pati na yung hugs mo lalo na pag naiyak ako (iyakin ako i know hahahha). Wag mo kong kakalimutan ah :*

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  9. alwaysaryne:

    It’s my favorite photo of you since I find it the simplest. I don’t know. I’ve always seen you that way. The beauty in your simplicity’s really fascinating. :)

    Hello Claire, Happy Birthday!

    Wow, awkward prelude.

    So, the first time I talked to you was.. during the first week of first year, I guess? We were making these stuff I can’t recall anymore. Basta, we were sitting on the floor and you started talking about your “life”. Yep, that’s right! Your life. You’re so open to everyone, even to those people whom you’ve just met. That’s how I knew how trusting you are. Your hair was still short back then and you were still wearing glasses. You seemed like a wallflower, I thought.

    ..well, not until I heard that dazzling singing voice of yours! You kept on singing the same song over and over though, ”..and I am telling you, I’m not going..” You’ve sang it for like, 3 times yata in-front of the class, so.. Feeling ko talaga hindi mo siya ganon ka-gusto?

    Anyway, I don’t remember how we became close, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that it happened and I couldn’t be any happier because you’re one of the best people I know. I’ve learned so many things from you and about you. From the tragic things you’ve experienced in life to the beauty of it. Some I’ve even encountered because I was there. I’ve seen you transform, if that’s how you call it, from being the person that you were to the person that you are now. You’ve grown so well. You’re not as cranky as you were before, you started thinking straight, deeply, and with a thought. You became more independent, loving, and understanding.

    Thank you for being a great friend, for all the memories and the memories in queue, for the laughter, the stories, the secrets, and everything else in between!

    Despite the things you’re going through right now, I hope that you’re still happy not only because it’s your birthday but because you should be! Don’t let the negative things ruin your happiness. Instead, let it serve as a positive thing, an experience, an adventure. You love adventures right? Soon enough, everything’s going to be clear to you. Things just don’t happen, they happen because they are supposed to. Don’t worry because God will never leave you unarmed and believe me, things will get better. :)

    Since I couldn’t come to you personally, (and I’m not sure if there’s still flood around you house) I’m just gonna hug you virtually! I love you!

    Pinaiyak mo na naman ako. Haaaaaaa. Aryne thank you sa pakikinig sakin, ikaw yung isa sa mga taong sobrang pinagkakatiwalaan ko. Lahat na ata ng secrets ko alam mo. Naalala ko nung una kong punta sa bahay nyo at yung pagsshare mo sakin ng mga nakakatakot at nakakatawang bagay. Marami akong natutunan sayo. Salamat kasi naging parte ka ng buhay ko. kahit na ngayon di na tayo magkaklase lagi pa rin tayong nagkakasama. Kapag may problema ako alam kong andyan lang kayo lagi. Nandyan lang kayo sa kabilang pinto. Sa room ng Harvey. pati na rin dun sa dalwang loko na kaklase ko :) love you aryne!

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  10. kateehallows:

    Isn’t she lovely! She’s beautiful and amazing girl

    Sweet 16 is sweet for a reason
    For joy, happiness and fun, this is the season
    Being carefree and happy is the order of the day
    In your birthday cake, I want to dedicate one slice to love, one slice to courage, one slice to determination, one slice to peace of mind and one slice to fortune. My all these slices come together to form a life for you which is sweeter than any cake in this world. 

    As my friend, you are…
    B - Benevolent
    E - Entertaining 
    S - Soulful 
    T - Talented 
    B - Blessed
    U - Unique 
    D - Dashing 
    D - Determined 
    Y - Youthful 

    Happy Birthday and more birthdays to come =))

    *Sana makita mo ‘to mehehe. I love you Ate Claire =))

    Gahhhhd Thank you Kate :”“”) Love you!

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  11. punchandkiss:

    The little girl with big dreams, Claire. :3 Remember when you sent me a friend request on Friendster about 3 years ago? A photograph of yourself holding a mic, singing your heart out, set as your default picture. And your username had something to do with Regine and Charice. You were still a BIG FAN of Charice. Ew.. Jk HEEHEE as if I dint ask you to research about JBiebs. HAHAHAHA those were the days.. =)) 

    Oh well, we dont really have a lot of memories back when we were still in freshman and sophomore. But thank God, we met inside the classroom during Junior year. I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE A CRAZY SCHOOL YEAR. And yep, it was. Hahaha i’m not going to put it all here, its in our heads ;)

    I love how we both have interest on the same things such as shooting, blogging & all that. Sorry if I’m too harsh at times (or most of the time). I just want you to learn from your mistakes. You’ve been through a lot and I commend you for being tough. People often judge you, us, but does it really matter? We both know each other and that’s what’s important. I love you, you will always be my little girl. Mwah! :-*

    PS. We’re still young, don’t be too stressed! A little hustle wont hurt. YOURE ALREADY 16, weh?

    Dahil english yang sinulat mo sa tagalog ako sasagot hahaha. 

    Natuwa ako sa nilagay mong photo, kala ko burol ko na. Anyways, salamat sa lahat Annie. Salamat kasi naging totoo ka sakin, kahit na napaka-childish ko lagi andyan ka pa din. Siguro hindi makukumpleto yung life ko as a high school student kung hindi kita naging kaclose. Alam mo bang dati ilag ako sayo kasi naman muka kang mataray. Pero nawala lahat nung naging Faraday tayo. The Best! Lahat ng gala lahat ng kalokohan. Thank you sa pakikinig sakin and all. Basta alam mo na yon. i love you Annieee! Pinaiyak mo ko gahh -__- C:


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  13. punchandkiss:

    Its amazing how books can take us to another world without having to ride an aircraft


  14. poleenomial:

    Hello Nicolai and to my ever loving camera, Wandy!!!! Inactive blog is inactive but I have these “highlights of the week” stuff.

    • Performed in the elimination round for the Nutri Indak
    • Media Evangelization Week, we got the 2nd place for the MTV presentation
    • I drowned my dear phone for about 15 secs yet I didn’t left me
    • Made claire cry for an hour
    • Watched The Amazing Spiderman with my folks
    • Annie’s birthday! 
    • I died :’)

    That’s all I can say for now. Lol that’s all I have to say. Uh. Uh. Uh. Good evening!


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