1. Anonymous said: Hi, Ate Claire. :) May I ask: what filter are you using po for your latest photos here?

    Adobe Lightroom 3 and 4 :)


  2. Anonymous said: Ate claire, what's your most favorite photography iPhone app?

    vsco :)


  3. Anonymous said: Napanood kita kanina sa May Pag-asa. Galing. Job well done Claireeeeeeeee :)

    Thank you dear :)


  4. @ abs-cbn news channel earlier with Tining ♥


  5. Congrats to us TINING-The Resident Chorale of Letran. Gold 3 diploma and Category Champion for Mixed Choirs with difficulty level II and participant for Grand Prix in Interkultur Germany’s Sing n’ Joy Manila 2013… Viva Pilipinas! #InterkulturGermany#MBC


  6. imdeniseumandal-deactivated2014 said: Hi Ate Claire, Sorry ang FC ko. Haha! You are so pretty and I love your eyes! Sana Maging friend kita! BTW, I've already finished reading your blog. :)

    Hi. Thank you Denise! Sure we can :)


  7. Anonymous said: Wrecking ball idol :)

    and what do you mean by that? :)


  8. Anonymous said: naging kayo po ba ni kuya raph? (pls. answer, marami kasi akong classmates na may gusto sa kanya.) :))

    yep haha :>


  9. "The real ornament of woman is her character, her purity."

    -Mahatma Gandhi


  10. NOCEI Cultural Summit (La Salle Lipa)


    Dr. Isagani R. Cruz (Former Undersecretary for Education)


    Dr. Jovy Perigrino

    Ricamela Palis

    Dean Bocobo

    Chef Paul Poblador

    Carlos S. Carino

    Prof. Lorenzo Isla

    Rogger Basco

    Emmanuel Garibay

    Lorenzo Gealogo

    Boyet de Mesa


    We came early so we had a lot of time to take pictures, study and practice.


    Hi Sheila.


    Selected Tining NOCEI participants.



    My way of writing down notes.



    Our time that day was not enough to enjoy and reflect about the things that we’ve learned. But all in all I’m very blissful that I’ve been selected to participate in the said event…


  11. "When desire is still in this pure state, the man and woman fall in love with life, they live each moment reverently and consciously."



  13. I’m back..


  14. Sing ‘n Joy Manila Audition for Interkultur Germany 🎤(Sponsored by Manila Broadcasting Company)


  15. killjoyhilary said: your voice wow <3

    Thank youu :”))